Chapter 14: Gloria Steinem and the Vienna Operation

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1959 World Youth Festival, Vienna

Raymond L. Garthoff, A Journey Through the Cold War (Washington, D.C., Brookings Institution Press, 2001). Contains information on the Vienna festival.

Maurice Isserman, The Other American: The Life of Michael Harrington (New York: Perseus, 2001). Details the Gloria Steinem offer and Harrington’s considerations in rejecting the offer to go to Vienna with her group.

Oliver Rathkolb, “Austria Between Neutrality and Non-Alliance, 1953–2000,” Journal of European Integration History 7, no. 2 (2001):103–26.

Gloria Steinem: Her Passions, Politics, and Mystique (Secaucus, N.J.: Birch Lane Press, 1997)

William Taubman, Khrushchev: The Man and His Era (New York: Norton, 2003



ALL notes correspond to the endnotes in Patriotic Betrayal, supply additional information or evidence, and should be read together.

Note 2: National Security Council objectives for the World Youth Festival:   The NSC objectives to disrupt the Vienna festival were well known among NSA/CIA insiders, although they tended to use the vernacular, “smashing” or “smashable” to describe the tactics. See, for example, a December 1, 1958 letter from Bruce Larkin at COSEC to International Affairs vice president Willard Johnson H/NSA (Box 299, WFDY 59-63); May 8, 1958 (Box 55) Memo on Vienna festival

Note 31: Romerstein and Vienna: Herbert Romerstein went to work for HUAC in the mid-60s. While it is unlikely that liberals in the Cord Meyer unit gave Romerstein funds, the possibility that others in the CIA gave Romerstein assistance cannot be ruled out.

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